Love Festival Yarn Mountain



Yarn Mountain, wool, cotton, acrylic yarn, foam and knitting needles, 200 x 150 x 150cm, 2015

Yarn mountain was commissioned forĀ theĀ Festival of LoveĀ 2015Ā at theĀ Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London Summer 2015. It was part ofĀ LOVE the YARN: Lasmin Salmon in collaboration with Celia Pym.

Lasmin Salmon and I met through ActionSpace where Lasmin is an artist and I was a studio volunteer. Both of us are knitters. We started working together, sitting and knitting side by side, sometimes exchanging pieces of knitting and adding them together, cutting them up, sandwiching them with stitch or knitting into the othersā€™ work. For the Festival of Love, I built a Yarn Mountain. Inspired by Lasminā€™s delight and pleasure in a massive pile of wool, its colour and potential for knitting. The mountain was accompanied by a notice letting Royal Festival Hall visitors know that there were 3 knitting days. These knitting days were key events for the mountain, when it came to life. We laid out cast on needles that drewĀ yarn from the mountain for visitors to pick up and use. Lasmin had a spot on the window side where she would set up and knit and I would move around available to teachĀ visitors how to knit or knit myself when the space was quiet. The plan was to knit for the pleasure of knitting in the company of strangers and friends. All were welcome, no experience necessary and all pieces were pinned to the mountain as markers of knittersā€™ visits.

LOVE the YARN exhibition also included photographs of the knitting exchanges made between us andĀ Rug, 2014 by Lasmin, a large stitched piece of work she made of small sensitive rings pieced together on a 2m square ground.

Lasmin Salmon is an ActionSpaceĀ artist. She works primarily in textiles, her work expresses a beautiful, warm and generous nature; reflected in her bright colour choices and inquisitiveĀ fascination with circles and the stitched edge.

Many thanks for yarn and knitting needle donation to: Rachael Matthews, Prick Your Finger,Ā Hope Pym,Ā RamsdenĀ YarnĀ Co., Freddie Robins andĀ Vivien Rolf

Lasmin and Celia

yarn mountain 1


images top to bottom:
Yarn Mountain
Lasmin Salmon during installation
Installation image – knitting day Saturday 27th July 2015, 4th Floor, RFH
Celia Pym and Lasmin Salmon
Yarn Mountain

Photographs by Charlotte Hollinshead