Mending Library

Jim and his fleece, Mending Library, Radical Acts: Why Craft Matters, Harewood Craft Biennale, curated by Hugo Macdonald 2023

Mending Library was a commission for Radical Acts, Harewood Craft Biennale. “Pym undertook a residency at Harewood.  In the months leading up to the exhibition she set up a ‘mending desk’ down a the courtyard and asked Harewood’s caretakers, staff and volunteers to bring a garment that needs repairing, in exchange for a story of how these individuals care, repair and look after the Harewood – Hugo Macdonald” 15 people participated in the project, giving a glimpse behind the scenes of the people who work at and care for Harewood. Portraits were made of each person with their mended clothing. The clothes, portraits and stories were displayed in the Old Library. And at the close of the exhibition all the clothes were returned to their owners

Detail Jim’s fleece
Mending Library installation, Harewood House, 2023