The Comfortable Chair

The Comfortable Chair, chair, wool, polyester stuffing and calico, 2016

Knit by Madge, Rose, Daisy, Grace, Peg, Teresa, Eileen, Cynthia, Linda, Zoe, Zoe’s Friend, Andrew, Rosalind, Limor, Tilly and Jean. Celia was invited to work with a group of women, all strong and enthusiastic knitters. They said they wanted to make something useful. Like little hats for premature babies or scarfs for charity. Celia knew that they didn’t need her to make something useful and realised that sometimes she has a talent for the not so useful. She came up with a project to soften a hard plastic chair and to not knit something useful.

Meet Me at the Albany is an all day arts club for the over 60s quite unlike anything that has come before. Based at South East London’s Albany arts centre, an all year programme of weekly events creates opportunities for people to meet new friends and try out a whole range of new activities and experiences

A Comfortable Chair was commissioned by Meet Me At the Albany


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