Where Holes Happen Map

Where Holes Happen Map, tracksuit, sports socks, gloves, hat and various yarns, 190 x 80cm, 2018

As part of the Woman’s Hour Craft Prize, V&A Museum, September 2017-January 2018 I invited members of the public to show me their holes. They brought sweaters and socks and jeans and scarves, hats and gloves and a couple blankets. My intention was to see if there was any patterning to damage and wear and tear. A self-selecting survey of holes. I repaired the holes visitors brought and then copied them onto the tracksuit, socks, hat and gloves shown below. For example if I mended someone’s elbow in blue, I would cut the same size hole in a corresponding spot on the tracksuit and fill it in with the same blue used to mend the sweater. I mended 96 garments with heavy damage on the shoulder and both left and right elbows and back of foreams. Images of the event days and a few examples of the original holes on next page.